Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who is Smarter: Boys or Girls? The Ancient Debate!

Women are not smarter than men, but they are more aware and recognizant! This has been a worldwide controversy notion since the beginning of creation. People seem to ignore the subject in order to avoid any embarrassment. Some say that boys are smarter in a way that boys are physically stronger hence; they can learn new experiences like building a house, or cutting a tree etc. While some advocate that girls are way smarter because they are deep thinkers and imaginative! Though they are physically weaker, but they are much better than boys mentally speaking. They think before they act and they remain calm in crises. Boys on the other hand tend to reason things out and find practical solutions to problems. They don’t waste time and they like to hit the subject right away. That’s why boys don’t like to chat for hours on the phone without a goal. While girls are more emotional and tend to share their experiences, and that’s why girls are way better than boys in art. They tend to “split-hairs” and discuss more since they are minute about details. So, while boys consider girls talking on the phone boring, women find it very useful because they want to share their story with someone else.

Boys are more intelligent than girls in the outside world since boys spend their childhood playing around with friends. They are better in physical activities than girls are like soccer, baseball or basketball. Girls on the other hand, are planners since they tend to stay at home. They read more and talk to parents more often than boys do. However, boys can be smarter where physical action or power needed while girls are smarter in terms of learning and memory because girls after all enjoy endurance and long-lasting fortitude. They can handle the house issue perfectly all day as well as an outside job if ever exists. Boys, however, enjoy muscular and temporary endurance. They come home from work completely tired and that’s why women are givers while men are takers. The difference between the two is very clear as some scientists suggest: women are sensitive, romantic, and emotional and tend to use sentiment to deal with the outside challenges. Men are rational, realistic, and factual and tend to use reason to solve their problems. Both are unique and endowed special abilities to cope with reality each according to their own perspective. That’s why it’s weird to see a man crying or to see a women working in constructions!

Who’s smarter in the beginning?

It is a fact that man’s brain is bigger and heavier than women’s but observation proved that females achieve better results than males in school because females are more focused and stable. Moreover, females reach brain and psychological maturity faster before boys because research proved that there is a small nerve in the left side of the brain grows faster in girls. This nerve is the reason why girls are more intelligent in the early stages. But, that doesn't mean she is smarter! Conversely, she is more recognizant and enjoys more awareness as her brain becomes open and ready to learn. For instance, girls characterized as calmer and attentive to everything around in the outside world whether in school or at home. Girls follow the teacher while in class, pay attention and participate while boys tend to be distracted. Thus, girls excel in mathematics unlike what they say that boys are better in math because a girl’s brain is more logical and is susceptible to absorb new concepts, and when they (girls) learn, they learn quickly.

The distinction between both genders’ recognition becomes noticeable five or six months after birth when the baby girl starts to move her fingers accurately to pick up or hold objects, while boys are slower and incapable of tuning up their moves and bodily reflexes. Also, this is evident when girls observe things that go by and follow with their eyes while boys are less aware. This applies to speech and writing skills where girls write and talk in an earlier age.

Females’ brain is more developed than boys’ and the difference between them includes the neurological system as well as the ability to use that to walk, speak and write etc. But, despite all that, boys enjoy more creativity and have visionary abilities which render them unique if they are given the right environment to utilize their skills. The social environment which both genders are brought up in and the upbringing methods play crucial part in nourishing their psychological and intellectual abilities. So, parents should be mindful and offer their best to help maximize their kids’ abilities, whether boys or girls, in the very early years. Parents should also talk with their kids about important issues and never consider them as unaware creatures. They should listen to them and share their habits and play with them.
In the end, no one can be definite about this issue especially nowadays where we see more successful women than before. This proves that women are highly capable of giving while we see many jobless men hanging around in bars doing nothing.

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